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In music studies, Timothy D. Taylor is known for his insightful essays on music, globalization, and capitalism. Music in the World is a collection of some of Taylor’s most recent writings—essays concerned with questions about music in capitalist cultures, covering a historical span that begins in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and continues to the present. These essays look at shifts in the production, dissemination, advertising, and consumption of music from the industrial capitalism of the nineteenth century to the globalized neoliberal capitalism of the past few decades.

Music and Capitalism examines the production, distribution, advertising, marketing, branding, and consumption of music in the last few decades. Drawing on extensive interviews with professionals in various corners of the cultural industries, including small independent record labels, this book shows how digitalization, globalization, and policies and ideologies in today’s capitalism are changing people’s relationships to music.

Selected Articles & Book Chapters

file_pdf 2014 “Fields, Genres, Brands.” Culture, Theory and Critique 55: 159-74.
file_pdf 2014 “The New Capitalism, Globalisation, and the Commodification of Taste.” In The Cambridge History of World Music, edited by Philip Bohlman. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
file_pdf 2013 “Music in the New Capitalism.” In International Companions to Media Studies, edited by Angharad Valdivia. Vol. 2, Media Production, edited by Vicki Mayer. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell.
file_pdf 2012 “World Music Today.” In Music and Globalization: Critical Encounters, edited by Bob W. White. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
file_pdf 2010 “Canons, History, Capitalism: Some Mid-Career Reflections.” Journal of Popular Music Studies 22: 85-9.
file_pdf 2009 “Advertising and the Conquest of Culture.” Social Semiotics 4 (December): 405- 25.
file_pdf 2009 “On Identity: Contemporary Music Research in the Asia-Pacific Region.” With Kirsty Gillespie. Introduction to The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, “Contemporary Ethnomusicology in the Asia-Pacific Region” 10 (June): 75-79.
file_pdf 2009 “Performance and Nostalgia on the Oldies Circuit.” In Sound Souvenirs: Audio Technologies, Memory and Cultural Practices, edited by Karin Bijsterveld and José van Dijck. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
file_pdf 2007 “The Changing Shape of the Culture Industry; Or, How Did Electronica Music Get into Television Commercials?” Television and New Media 8 (August): 235- 58.
file_pdf 2007 “The Commodification of Music at the Dawn of the Era of “‘Mechanical Music.’”Ethnomusicology 51 (spring/summer): 281-305.
file_pdf 2006 “Culture/History.” Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology 12 (fall),
file_pdf 2002 “Music and the Rise of Radio in Twenties America: Technological Imperialism, Socialization, and the Transformation of Intimacy.” Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 22 (October): 425-43.
file_pdf 1999 “Korla Pandit: Music, Exoticism and Mysticism.” In Widening the Horizon: Exoticism in Post-War Popular Music, edited by Philip Hayward. Sydney: John Libbey/Perfect Beat Publications.
file_pdf 1998 “Moving in Decency: The Music and Radical Politics of Cornelius Cardew.” Music & Letters79 (November): 555-76.
file_pdf 1992 “‘His Name Was in Lights’: Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B. Goode.’” Popular Music 11 (January): 27-40.
file_pdf 1990 “Aesthetic and Cultural Issues in Schumann’s Kinderszenen.” International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music 21 (December): 161-78.

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