December 2018

JGU Mainz Lectures – Recordings Available Soon

Conference organizers recently announced they’ll be posting recordings of my 3 lectures. I’ll officially announce their availability here. But you can also check back for the links posting on this site.  For context: the central question of my current research—valuing music—was the theme for the first edition of a very uniquely…

September 2018

Book Review: Music in the World

Music in the World: Selected Essays.  Book review by Emilie Hurst Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 25:2, 351-353.  (Note: there’s a paywall between this link and the review’s full text. Contact me if you’d like more information.)

January 2018

Book Review: Music and Capitalism

“Music and Capitalism: A History of the Present by Timothy Dean Taylor” Book review by Carol Lubkowskil. Notes – Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association Vol. 73 No. 3, 2017, pp. 531-533 (Note: this publication is available via Project Muse. Please contact me if you need more information.)